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250kW in a 15kg Package – H3X HPDM-250

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“For long-distance electric aircraft to be feasible, substantial improvements need to be made to electric propulsion system technology,” says the company.” Today, best-in-class motors and inverters have a combined power density of 3-4 kW/kg.  ARPA-E has determined that for a Boeing 737 to complete a typical five hour flight, the propulsion system must be >12 kW/kg continuous…..At 13 kW/kg continuous, the HPDM-250 exceeds ARPA-E’s requirements and is at least 3X better than current systems. It is a step change in electric propulsion technology and removes one of the main barriers blocking widespread commercialization of electric aircraft.

‍“The HPDM-250 is an ultra-high power density integrated motor drive for electric aircraft. It combines the electric motor and inverter (+ optional gearbox) into one powerful unit. It is the culmination of H3X innovation in multiple areas including:

  • Electromagnetics design optimization
  • DMLS 3D printed synergistic cooling jacket
  • SLM 3D printed copper stator coils
  • Robust fault tolerance
  • Thermal resistance reduction
  • High frequency SiC power electronics

Primary near-term applications are urban air mobility, eVTOL, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), military jets, and select regional aircraft markets.vPrimary long-term applications are large commercial electric airliners.

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