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Acciona deploys drones in tunnel construction phase

Acciona, a major supplier of sustainable infrastructure solutions and renewable energy projects, said it has begun using drones during the tunnel construction phase to obtain a regular digital record of the works to analyse real time data.


This technology, which can be used on tunnel projects excavated by conventional methods (explosives, hammers or cutters) as well as on underground mining projects, can be supplemented with photographic resources to regularly monitor a project, said the statement from Acciona.


Tripod-based laser scanner systems are currently used, supplemented with conventional topography, to obtain digital models of the inside of tunnels under construction. 


However, these methods are time-consuming and not very versatile, which is not very compatible with the production performance of these works, reducing their effectiveness it stated.


Acciona is constantly developing innovative applications based on drone technology in order to collect real time data about major transport projects, which will help their managers to understand what is happening on site, it added. 


The Spanish infrastructure major said the aerial information would enable it to monitor progress and help detect incidents earlier before they become costly or slow down the project execution.


By using drones in tunnels, a regular digital record can be created of the works to analyse the volume of material excavated, the consumption of inputs, execution deadlines, incidents, etc. and carry out its processing without interfering in tasks done in the workplace, it stated. 

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