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Amazing Ways to Capture a Selfie Using a Drone

You’ve learned about taking your perfect sexy selfie and editing it with your smartphone. Now it’s time to take it to the next level. Drone photography has taken the world by storm and provided us with the most Instagram-worthy content on the market. 

If you want to up your game, shop for a selfie drone, and find a beautiful spot for your photoshoot. Here are some creative ways to use your new toy to capture the most exciting pictures you can imagine.   

Get A Bird’s Eye View With High-Angle Shots

The primary purpose of this flying camera is to capture the view from above. That’s why the bird’s eye view is the most common angle of drone photography. Snapping a pic directly from above is a straightforward but unique shot that’s bound to impress anyone. 

How your high-angle selfie will look all depends on how you pose. While you may be tempted to look up and smile, the best way to present yourself is by lying down. 

Be careful not to fly the drone too high from the ground, or else you’ll become unrecognizable from a distance. You can avoid this by starting from your level and slowly flying it up while keeping an eye on your screen.     

Image from Pixabay

Capture Lights With Long Exposure

By itself, long exposure photography captures light and motion of individual elements. You can also use this to your advantage by snapping stationary scenes with your drone. 

Since drones give you more motion and depth of field, you’re more likely to take a long exposure photo. Set your 1/5 of a second shutter shooting raw or burst mode for maximum flexibility. 

The longer the exposure, the more blurring you’ll see in pictures. While smearing is something you generally want to avoid, try it with lights for an artistic effect. 

Image from Pixabay

Cast Long Shadows In Your Selfies

When you’re taking a selfie at arm’s length from a phone or selfie stick, there are many elements that go unseen in your photos. One of them is shadows, something you can capture the best with a drone. 

No matter how you compose your photos, take them during the sunrise or sunset (commonly known as the golden hours) to capture long, majestic shadows in your shot. 

Image from Pixabay

Play With Angles And Symmetry

The beauty of drone photography is that there are infinite techniques to use to capture different perspectives and emotions. While selfies are usually seen as the subject facing the camera,  you can shoot from different angles and heights to create a unique view. Here are some tips and examples to get you started.

Select A Focus 

Taking a selfie with a drone means that you’re front and center of the shot, but your primary focal point can be your background. Study the area you’ll be shooting from, and position yourself in a unique place. Consider the colors, textures, and geometric shapes that will make for an interesting composition. 

Bonus tip: coordinate or contrast your outfit with your surroundings. For instance: if you’re lying in a grassy field, it may not be in your interest to wear green as you may blend into the landscape. On the other hand, if you’ve aligned the ocean to one-third of your beach selfie while you sunbathe in the sand, wearing blue will make your photo more uniform. 

The Rule Of Thirds

In photography, the Rule of Thirds is a guideline for pleasing photo composition. The concept here is that you should divide your image into thirds (a total of 9 squares) so that you can find the perfect balance. 

Final Thoughts

Taking selfies with a drone will boost your social media likes astronomically. The ways to get the best results are to take shots from high above and capture long exposures. Have fun playing around with light, angles, and symmetry. 

Incorporate these ideas into your photography, or use your imagination to come up with new and innovative ways to showcase your skills from above. 

Cover Image from Pixabay

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