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An Afternoon in Early May

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An Afternoon in Early May filmed during UK lock down.

Relaxing whilst flying a fixed wing drone in the field next to our home. Enjoy the views of the South Lakes.

Filmed with GH4 with Olympus telephoto and drones internal camera.

This is the first time I have used the drones camera for a short edit, the quality is not bad at all.

Normally this drone is used for surveying.Notice how quickly it covers ground, the view is more like a fixed light aircraft than a quadcopter.

An Afternoon in Early May

The drone is a Parrot Disco.

The first smart, fast, RC compatible fixed-wing aircraft

A fixed-wing drone whose unprecedented aerodynamic design and capabilities distinguish it from the rest.

It has 45 minutes of battery life and is equipped with advanced automatic control and a Full HD Camera. Enjoy unparalleled flight experiences and produce incredible videos.

I still do not know why Parrot stopped making the drone as its a great drone for survey work and will carry a payload in an adapted bay.

The drone will travel up to 50mph and operate in 30mph winds. It has a range of 1.24 miles with the controller, but will go further with pre defined operations.

Lake District Drone Service – Skylark Aerial Photography

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