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DJI CrystalSky for sale

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DJI CrystalSky for sale

DJI CrystalSky for sale

DJI CrystalSky for sale High Brightness Monitor – 5.5″bought 5th August 2019. Hardly used and surplus to our needs.

Full receipt of prove of purchase, original price was £449.00

The monitor will be reset back to factory status so you will need a DJI account to activate it again.

We are looking for £324 (no offers) for the monitor which includes the accessories listed below.

Comes With

1 x 5.5″ High Brightness Monitor

1 x Battery

1 x short USB connector (170mm) lead

1 x Battery Charger Hub Holder – (Please note it does not come with the mains adapter, we used our Inspire mains adapter to provide power to the battery hub holder).

1 x mount to hold monitor in a remote controller such as the Mavic


Cleared payment by BACS prior to shipment.

Sold as seen below in the pictures.

DJI says its a Smooth Video & A Custom System

The CrystalSky monitor uses optimised video decoding to decode video in real-time. Due to limitations in software access on smartphones and tablets, video decoding in other smart devices is less than ideal. When used to view photos or videos transmitted by the camera, problems can occur including video jitter, long latency and more. The CrystalSky monitor’s optimised decoder provides smooth, real-time video with minimal latency.

The embedded DJI GO app provides full access to all DJI GO features including aircraft parameter adjustment, camera control, footage management, and playback. Using offline maps, maps can be kept available even if going out of Wi-Fi reach.

CrystalSky Monitor
CrystalSky Power Supply

Power Supply & Card Slots

A two cell 4920mAh secondary external battery gives the CrystalSky monitor a longer operating time than comparable mobile devices. It supports rapid charging and controls its discharge rate well even in low temperatures. Used with the 5.5″ screen, it can achieve a maximum operation time of  5-6 hours.

Do need to provide your own power adapter for the battery charger hub. See DJI for requirement.

Equipped with dual Micro SD Card slots, the CrystalSky monitor’s storage can be extended, or footage recorded on a Micro SD Card can be played back directly on the monitor. It can also be used for footage backups. Using editors built in DJI GO, high-quality edits can be made quickly and instantly shared to social media. The CrystalSky monitor supports H.264 and H.265 video decoding, allowing it to play back these files at 30fps and 60fps respectively. These videos can also be output through its HDMI port.

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