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Drone footage shows bus alight amid the Belfast riot

Drone pilot Hugh Pollock was able to capture a double-decker bus on fire earlier this week due to the Belfast riot using a drone. The bus being alighted resulted from a petrol bomb being thrown at it by one of the nearby protestors.

After going through footage from those near the incident, it appears that the bus was first taken over by loyalists, who then released the break. This resulted in the bus slowly rolling down the street, with armored police cars following behind shortly.

This video shows police cars being hit with objects while trying to stop the runaway bus. Right before the bus stopped in place, a person on the sidewalk threw a petrol bomb into the front of the bus, resulting in it catching alight and most people fleeing from the scene.

First Minister of Northern Ireland Arlene Foster said the attack on the bus is “vandalism and attempted murder,” adding that the rioters didn’t “represent unionism or loyalism.”

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson also commented on the situation, sharing:

I am deeply concerned by the scenes of violence in Northern Ireland, especially attacks on PSNI who are protecting the public and businesses, attacks on a bus driver, and the assault of a journalist. The way to resolve differences is through dialogue, not violence or criminality.

The protests started when loyalist groups began to fight the Northern Ireland Protocol on Brexit. It will see a de facto border placed in the Irish sea dividing Northern Ireland and mainland Britain if it passes. The riots were also the result of how police have handled coronavirus regulation breaches by members of the Sinn Féin party.

Photo: Hugh Pollock

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