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DRONE VOLT Sorrowfully announces the passing of its CEO Olivier Gualdoni

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DRONE VOLT, an embedded artificial intelligence expert and professional civil drone
manufacturer, excruciatingly announces the passing of Olivier Gualdoni, CEO of the Group, untimely occurring on Saturday 17th of October 2020.

DRONE VOLT’s team share the grief of his spouse, his two children and all his relatives, to whom we send our utmost sympathy.

Olivier was not only a caring husband and father, but a generous man loved by all, always available and open, someone we could always trust, both from a personnel and humane aspect.

Blessed with genuine listening skills, Olivier placed human relations at the heart of the company, forming a true coalescence amongst the employees in whom he gave his trust.

Olivier was a charismatic and dynamic leader, entirely devoted to his company and its partners.

Olivier was assigned CEO of DRONE VOLT towards the end of 2015 and was the artisan behind the growth of a small drone distributor to a professional drone manufacturer, now an international player able to compete equally with the behemoths of the sector. By implementing an innovative strategy based on competent French and Dutch teams of engineers and technicians, the DRONE VOLT Group gained market shares among some of the largest global companies and governmental agencies.

The Board of Directors, meeting urgently today, decided to modify the Group’s

The Board of Directors co-opted Dimitri Batsis, founder of DRONE VOLT and historical shareholder since 2012, as an administrator of the company to replace Olivier and appointed him Chairman of the Board of Directors, a position he had entrusted to Oliver a few years earlier.

At the same meeting, the Board unanimously decided to separate the functions of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer and appointed Marc Courcelle, until then Director of Production at DRONE VOLT, in whom Olivier had full confidence, as Chief Executive Officer.

Despite mourning this tragic loss alongside his family, the DRONE VOLT Group assures that it is ready to continue its activities and can depend on the current team, in whom Olivier placed his greatest trust.

All of us at sUAS News extend our sympathy to the family, friends and colleagues of Olivier.

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