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DRONEII: Add Your Voice to the 2020 Drone Industry Barometer

Leading drone research and consulting firm DRONEII has announced the annual survey of the drone industry, which will inform the 2020 Drone Industry Barometer Report.  Drone professionals are encouraged to participate in the survey, which will result in DRONEII’s in-depth report on the state of the drone market.  (See last year’s report here.)

Here are the guidelines and link:

The link to the survey is here.

“The Global Drone Industry Barometer 2020 is a huge part of our efforts to make the drone industry more transparent and this year we’re aiming to once again break our previous record of survey responses. As always – the more participants, the better the results!” says DRONEII.

In addition to contributing to greater transparency about the drone industry, participants receive:

  • a free copy of the “Drone Industry Barometer 2020” whitepaper;
  • a free pass to Europe’s biggest drone show “INTERAERIAL Solutions Expo” part of INTERGEO trade show, conference and FlightZone in Berlin, Germany on 13th-15th of  October; and,
  •     the chance to win a DJI Mavic Mini drone

Rules & Guidelines for Survey Participants:

  • Please fill in the survey only if you represent a drone company or a company which has adopted drones for business internal services;
  • You need to be a drone professional – not a hobbyist;
  • Please fill out the survey completely to receive the free whitepaper, the free ticket and to participate in the drone lottery;
  • It’s your industry – if you want good results, please answer the question accurately;
  • It’ll take about 5-15 minutes of your time
  • All information will be anonymized and are handled according to the GDPR guidelines.


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