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Drones could DISINFECT football stadiums as fans desperate to return

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Football fans desperate to return to matches could be given a huge boost by drones disinfecting football stadiums.

Drones are already being used at stadiums in America including the 71,000 capacity Mercedez-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, USA.

And drones could be deployed at football stadiums across England next year when fans are brought back to watch games.

Robert Causer who has just set up a drone business in lockdown with best friend Simon Whitehouse
(Image: Handout)

Live music venues such as the NEC and NIA could also potentially use drones to disinfect arenas in the future.

It is an idea which is being proposed by former Tornado fighter pilot Simon Whitehouse and his best mate Rob Causer who have just set up Drone-Serv.

Simon, 44, who left the RAF after a distinguished career, is now a British Airways pilot, but has been stood down since April due to the current Covid. crisis.

Rob, also 44, was made redundant from his job in the aerospace industry during lockdown so the pair decided to launch their drone company.

Former fighter pilot Simon Whitehouse who have just set up a drone business in lockdown with his best mate Robert Causer
(Image: Handout)

Simon, a married father of two, from Shrewsbury, said: “We are also looking at the possibility of using drones to disinfect stadiums. They do this at the Mercedes-Benz stadium in Atlanta, USA.

“It saves a lot of time cleaning the seats individually. We could do this in the future with football stadiums or indoor arenas in Birmingham. There is so much scope at the moment for drones but this is an idea we would like to develop.”

Simon said they are also looking at helping in the battle against Covid by offering drone services to deliver medical supplies.

Robert Causer and Simon Whitehouse with their go-kart business
(Image: Handout)

He said: “Trials have been done for medical deliveries beween the Isle of Skye and Oban with the drones getting it delivered in 20 minutes rather than the usual four hours. This is something we are looking at exploring.”

Rob, also a married father of two, who lives in Penkridge, Staffs, added: “We really think there is an opportunity within the drone industry. We have recently been granted our PfCO and are going operational with videography, for promotion or marketing, photogrammetry where we can create 3D models, and orthomosaics for mapping and survey work.

“We also are also looking at agriculture and the sanitisation of large areas similar to crop spraying as the pandemic continues.

“Myself and Simon have always been great mates from way back in primary school. We even set up a go-kart business as young kids.

Now 35 years later we are setting up a drone business together. We had both thought individually about the idea and when our jobs were impacted in lockdown we thought it was the ideal time to launch a drone business. We are really excited at what the future might hold.”

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