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First group of Western Cape agriculture drone pilots receive their wings

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The first group of Western Cape Department of Agriculture drone pilots received their wings this week.

The department assisted the group to successfully sit for the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) examination to obtain their remote pilot licences. Training was provided by Drone-X, a SACAA-approved drone training school.


Western Cape Finance Minister Dr Ivan Meyer congratulated the newly qualified drone pilots on their achievement and for embracing the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR).

He noted that the use of drone technology would play an increasing role in optimising agricultural operations, increasing animal and crop production, as well as the effective monitoring of crop and soil health.


“An increase in productivity will increase the power of our agricultural economy, contribute to economic growth and create greater food security. The use of 4IR technologies, such as drones, provides a range of farming solutions. These include remote measurement of soil conditions, better water management and livestock and crop monitoring.

“Growing the economy and creating jobs is a priority for the Western Cape government. Drone technology creates exciting new career opportunities and its applications will contribute to growing the agricultural economy and establishing new jobs within the sector,” Meyer commented.

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