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Introducing Niklas Jung, Skyports’ new Flight Operations Manager

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Niklas Jung joins Skyports as Flight Operations Manager, bringing his wealth of experience in developing drone operations for various use cases across five different continents…

What is your role at Skyports?

I have joined Skyports as Flight Operations Manager, tasked with leading and growing the company’s worldwide drone delivery operations, to add value to our customers and to commercialise our operations within the medical, e-commerce and logistics industries.

I will be travelling around the world to manage our operations, overseeing the planning and implementation of projects, and making sure that we are operating to the highest standards.

Prior to Skyports, I spent two years working for a drone manufacturing company in Germany, building up their flight operations and training department. In this context, I have developed drone operations across five different continents for various use cases, with the aim of using the manufacturer’s drones for long-term projects, always operating to the highest safety standards, improving procedures and making advances within a new area in the aviation world.

I made my first step into the drone industry four years ago, when I was working with manufacturers in Asia to develop new components and drones for the consumer and entertainment market, which was a great experience. Now, being able to apply this accumulated knowledge to develop operations for the technology of tomorrow, feels even better!

What would you like to contribute to make drone operations a reality?

I would like to use my worldwide experience in the drone operations industry to make safe, fast and affordable drone operations possible – sooner rather than later. Advancing the integration of manned and unmanned aircraft within unsegregated airspace, in order to commercialise drone operations and add value to our clients and to the global healthcare system, is my main ambition. If we can achieve these key objectives, then we will be able to redefine supply chains with a long-term perspective.

As Skyports expands its drone delivery operations, we will continue to face many challenges, from working within regulatory frameworks, to overcoming logistical limitations. However, the potential of drone delivery services, such as connecting remote communities to healthcare networks, makes this hard work worthwhile. Skyports demonstrated this potential in a series of medical drone delivery trials in Scotland earlier this year, whilst assisting the NHS in the battle against Covid-19. This gives our team a real sense of pride and motivation.

Where do you see Skyports in two years’ time?

If we continue to expand our drone operations and infrastructure worldwide over the next two years, as one of the global leaders in the industry, we will have the capability of scaling up a new mode of transportation and supply chain that also allows us to improve and save lives globally. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel around the world and spend a lot of time in Africa, where the need for better infrastructure and vertical mobility could be huge. I strongly believe that we can revolutionise the airborne logistics of tomorrow and that we can use this technology for a more connected and better future!

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