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Landscape Photographer of the Year Awards

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Jaw-dropping visions in the Landscape Photographer of the Year Awards

Inarguably one of the most spectacular photo contests around, the International Landscape Photographer of the Year has again delivered a truly awe-inspiring selection of highlights in its seventh year. From fairy-tale inspired forest shots to beautifully surreal drone perspectives, this incredible competition highlights the diversity of landscape photography.

“As our annual award grows with over 3,800 entries this year, so does the range and diversity of subjects, locations and styles,” explains Peter Eastway, chairman of the judges. “Landscape photography is a powerful medium, even more so when we acknowledge the impact of climate change and our footprint on this Earth.”

The contest is simple, with two main prizes: a single Photograph of the Year, and the overall Photographer of the Year Award for a portfolio of images. A handful of special prizes are also awarded each year in categories such as best Snow and Ice photo, or best aerial image. READ MORE.

Source: New Atlas

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