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Major League Baseball Games are Experiencing ‘Drone Delays’

CBS Sports reports:
Wednesday’s game between the New York Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays was stopped in the bottom of the first because of a “drone delay.” After the second base umpire pointed to something in the sky and motioned for teams to leave the field, the cameras picked up an identifiable flying object hovering over the field during the game.
CBS reports it’s the third drone delay experienced by Major League Baseball this year: The first came in a Twins-Pirates game in early August, and the second happened just a week later in a game between the Red Sox and Rays

This move isn’t just a hazard for those on the field, it’s actually outright illegal. The Federal Aviation Administration’s rules state that drones and other “unmanned aircraft systems” are prohibited from flying within a radius of three nautical miles of any MLB stadium starting one hour before a game’s scheduled start and ending one hour after the game’s end. This isn’t just exclusive to baseball, as it also applies to NFL games, top-tier NCAA football games and auto racing events.

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