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Octopus ISR Systems: Integrated High Precision GPS/INS

High Precision Geo-Location feature enables the following options:GPS coordinates of the target at which the gimbal is pointing at any time;Slant range to the target at which the gimbal is pointing at any time;

Input option for GPS coordinates of the object of interest and automatically steer the gimbal in that direction;

Input the list of predefined targets by entering their corresponding GPS coordinates and automatically steer the gimbal towards each when necessary.

Moving Map Software overlay enables additional functionality (in additional software window):Exact point on the map in which gimbal is currently pointing marked with the red “target” icon;

The area within the current Field of View on the map marked with a red overlay;

Camera current position on the map marked by the “camera” icon;

Camera icon direction always shows the direction where the camera is actually pointing;

Operator can also select the object of interest on the map by clicking on it and utilizing “Look Here” feature.

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