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Sky Power Expands Generator Controls Portfolio

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After introducing the new generator control system SGC 352, the German engine manufacturer Sky Power GmbH is adding another system, the SGC 081. This starter generator control unit can be used for engines with fuel injection as well as for engines with carburettors.

“The additional Starter Generator Control SGC 081 is lighter than the generator control system we introduced previously. The communication with the engine is also via hall effect sensors,”

explains Karsten Schudt, Managing Director of Sky Power GmbH.

The SGC 081 can not only be used to start the combustion engine, but also during generator mode for battery charging. Depending on the cooling, the new system can deliver 30A/60V, with an output of maximum 0,5kW. The SGC 081 weights 250g (0,55lbs). The new control system has already been successfully used in the field in several projects. Motors of different series were equipped with the new control unit, including some heavy fuel (HF) applications.

Additionally, the system can be used with third-party systems. Further applications in other engine series of Sky Power GmbH are planned.

Source: Press Release

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