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SkyHound Tracker – Dog Locator

SkyHound tracker – Dog Locator the complete tracking service


You are out on the fells enjoying the wonderful views and walks.

You are there with your 4 legged friend, a constant companion for the last 5 years.

You’re not over familiar with the countryside nor or is your dog.

A startling noise (we do have a lot of low flying fast jets), strange smell, another dog, curiosity. Your dog has gone.

Panic Sets in

Panic sets in when he or she does not come back, despite looking and shouting. You may have a tracker that uses a network connection, but many areas of the lakes do not have any signal.

This is a scenario which happens time and time again, you only have to look at Lost Dogs in Cumbria to see how many go missing.

SkyHound Tracker - Dog Locator

Mobile Signal Coverage Lake District:- Red signal areas no coverage, yellow signal areas from poor if none at all. Network coverage will be none at all in both areas. Trackers reliant on network connection will not operate.

Peace of mind

With the SkyHound this need not happen. By renting the collar for a day or a week you now have not only had the latest GPS technology using a drone as the platform to locate collars trackers from high up in the sky.

SkyHound Tracker - Dog Locator

Expert Knowledge

You also have the expert knowledge of a local drone operator familiar with the Lake District landscape who will deploy a tracking drone as soon as a call is made asking for help.

The operator may deploy the drone from a location 10 or 20 miles away to communicate with the collar tracker of the lost dog. Within 20 seconds its position will passed to the drone then the operator.

If you have already had to leave the area this is not a problem. We will go and locate the animal and collect. Taking your dog to a local vet for a check over.

SkyHound tracker – Dog Locator

-This system does not rely on a mobile connection. It is a self-contained powerful tracker system

-No Subscription

-Not a short range hand held device


-Can provide location information over extremely long distances (60 miles and more)

-Can be used in conjunction with thermal camera if required on drone

-Multiple tracking at any one time

-Tracking history

-Monitor body temp

-Relay information from one tracker to another to form a network

-Provide best route to location of dog or person by car or by foot

-GPS tracking and radio direction finding function

-Just hire the GPS collar and we do the tracking should it be required

Lake District Drone Service – Skylark Aerial Photography

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