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Stealth Surveying Delta Drone

Stealth Surveying Delta Drone

Stealth Surveying Delta Drone now being used by Skylark Aerial Photography.

Stealth Surveying Delta Drone

We like to remain ahead of the game and now use fixed wing drones for ground surveying and emergency location of our Dog Tracker.

Stealth Surveying Delta Drone

The fixed wing drone can remain aloft for over 50 minutes and cover far more ground than a conventical quadcopter. It has the ability to operate in up to 30 mph winds. On a safety side should a failure occur then the drone can glide to safety.

The drone uses a system not too un similar to Thunderbirds 2 whereby a pod with the survey camera is installed or the tracker locator is installed.


These systems are completely integral and therefore will not cause interference to the drones systems. Other pods can be installed such as NDVI (Normalised Difference Vegetation Index camera) for vegetation.

Stealth Surveying Delta Drone

Land Surveys.

We have recently surveyed over 300 acres of farmland on a pre programmed flight. Over 1500 images were taken then uploaded to Maps Made Easy The upload took over 26 hrs due to the high resolutiuon used. The file outputs produced could be used  for 3D modelling, CAD amongst others.

Example of file outputs

If you would like to use our latest system for land surveying then call Skylark.

Lake District Drone Service – Skylark Aerial Photography

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