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Two Year Projected

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Two year projected completed

Two year projected completed providing aerial work on a weekly and monthly basis.

This just goes to show if you do not ask you do not get.

A national utility project began in the NW 3 years ago. At the presentations to locals in their respective village halls about the project I made myself known.

Two year projected completed

Two Year Projected

Six months later a knock at the door by a construction company representative inviting me to provide some images.

This led onto being inducted into the site regs and more work. Multiple aerial surveys, weekly updates, full monthly edits, being on call for a solid two years.

Because of the extent of aerial work an advisory notice was made to the military forces to avoid over flying the area at low level which they did or notified us when they wanted to.

Work with the international construction company continues as we are on their books. With work on flood defences in York (this week and next as a key worker) and Hull. Utility work in Blackpool and asked to tender for other major projects.

We have also branched out into fully compliant time lapse cameras for construction sites. These are fully networked 4K cameras with solar panel power.

Just goes to say if you do not make yourself known, research into projects in your area.

Have the expertise flying drones, multiple drone and camera platforms, experience in editing and construction industry.

Last of all a little luck but then you make your own luck.

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