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XTI reconfigures its TriFan eVTOL as a diesel-hybrid cargo drone

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Florida’s XTI Aircraft has ben working on its TriFan eVTOL concept for at least five years now, and while a passenger version is still the key focus, the company has now put forward a long-range, autonomous diesel-hybrid cargo variant.

Partnering with Verdego Aero, XTI says it’ll be able to build in a 180 kW generator running on Jet-A to feed the TriFan’s high-power battery pack, giving it the ability to carry a 500 lb (227 kg) payload over a distance of 230 miles (370 km). While no max cruise speed is listed for the cargo plane, XTI says the TriFan 600 six-seater is rated for 345 mph (555 km/h), or about twice the speed of a conventional helicopter. READ MORE.

Source: New Atlas

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